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Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductor Devices


Name of devices



1 Silicon Unidirectional Switch (SUS) with Back Conductivity KU120 -
2 Silicon Unidirectional Switches (SUS) KU121 2N4990
3 Silicon Bidirectional Switches (SBS) KU503, KU503-9 MBS4992
4 Programmable Unijunction Transistors (PUT) К6027, К6027-9
K6028, К6028-9
5 Dual Monolithic Common Cathode Bipolar Zener Diodes КС535А-Д -
6 GAT-transistor KT6135 MPSA44
7 Thyristor KU118 03P4MF
8 Thyristor KU118G-9 -
9 Thyristor K106, K108 -
10 Triac K107 MAC8
11 Rectifier Diode, dual Diodes, Half-Bridges Diodes in case SOT-23 SD106A-9, DDC106-9, DDA106-9, SD106B-9 -
12 Transistor for electronic ballasts KT8* BUL44D2
13 Silicon planar high -voltage chip–thyristor mh55, mh75, mh100

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