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About the Company

  • "Polydex" is an joint-stock company with 100% private capital. It was founded in March,1993 by specialists in micro- and radio-electronic engineering.

  • Originally oriented just for designing of semiconductor devices, now "Polydex" provides regular deliveries of semiconductor devices for mass manufacture of thyristor regulators to several large factories of Russia. Significant amounts of products are exported to the countries outside of CIS.

  • Close interaction between designers and manufacturers makes it possible to reduce the period of design of new products up to 3-5 months from the moment of order.

  • High quality of production is in the great part stipulated by conformity of manufacture to the requirements of international standard ISO9002 .

  • Manufacturing possibilities allow to produce up to 100 millions chips of semiconductor devices per year. Majority of devices are produced in different constructive variants: unpackage - chip for mounting in hybrid integrated Modules, micro-case as SOT-23 - for surface mounting on circuit board (SMD-mounting), case TO-92 - for manual mounting on circuit board. Metallization variants of chip contact pads, pin-connection diagram in case and electric parameters can be changed on customer demand at deliveries of large quantities.

  • Some designs of thyristor modules and devices for home appliances (module of overheat and overload protection, operation control panel with electronic overload protection) have no analog all over the world and provided by patents. These devices allow to achieve high operation characteristics of electrical household devices at low cost of manufacture. Hybrid thyristor regulators of different designs enable smooth (gysteresisless) power control of load in different domestic gears, including inexpensive, what is due to the minimum sizes, simplicity of application and low cost.

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