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Phase Power Regulator PR1500i

Phase Power Regulator PR1000-i


Phase power regulator PR1500i allows to control power in load from 0 to 97 % of maximum value.
Steel basis intended for strengthening to radiator is electrically isolated from all circuits. Smooth monotonous regulation on small conductance angles down to full cut-off is ensured.
PR1500i makes it possible to regulate:

  • rotation speed of AC collector drives (in electric tools, vacuum cleaners, electromixers, kitchen combines, etc.);
  • brightness of lighting incandescent lamps;
  • power in electroheating equipment (heating system for living rooms, farm hothouses, electric soldering irons, etc.).

Technical Characteristics

Name of Parameter



Test Conditions

AC-voltage of Power Supply


~220V, 50Hz


Maximum Power of Load


1000 W

a cond=150°

Minimum Power of Load



a cond=150°

Maximum Voltage Between Circuits and Basis (Radiator)




Continuos Current (RMS)at Condition acond =150°



Tc=80° C
Tc=100° C

Voltage (Amplitude) Switch-on State a =90° (270° )



I=± 8A

Range of Conductance Angle

a min ...amax

0° ... 150°

Tc=80° C

Operation Temperature


-40  +100° C






Recommendations for Application

  1. Do not allow to overflow the upper limit of operating temperature of case. It is recommended to mount steel basis of PR1500i on a heat-rejecting radiator. It is necessary to put heat-conducting ink between the mounting basis of the regulator and the radiator.
  2. It is recommended to connect RC-circuit between anode and cathode of the regulator in the case of working on inductive load impedance (see fig.2).
  3. Working of the regulator on capacitive load is not supposed.
  4. Recommended value of the variable resistor R1 is 1,0... 1,5 MOhm, dissipated power is 0,25V.
  5. It is possible to obtain the lower limit of regulation range a min=0 with value R1 = 1,5 MOhm.
  6. Decreasing of radiohandicapes level is ensured by using special filter (see fig.2).
  7. Protection against electric shock should be ensured by construction of household device in which PR1500i is applied.
Dimension for Installation

Examples of Connections PR1500i:

a) For Resistive Load Impedance

b) For Inductive Load Impedance (AC-motor)

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